Starting the Day

Posted by Ziren (Singapore, Singapore) on 14 July 2011 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

A morning scene in the city of Jiujiang, China. Breakfast stalls like these ones open from the wee hours of the day till noon, and they're usually buzzing with chatters from people. I woke up considerably late that day, so I avoided the long quenes and managed to get my soya milk-noodles breakfast. Hah. Hand carts and motorbikes... In China, the future comes so fast the past can't seem to catch up. [Photo #3 of the series "Tranversing China"]

I am Ziren Wang, a student from Raffles Institution, Singapore. I picked up a camera in January 2009 in my school's photographic society, and I have never looked back. Years later, I have explored various different forms of photography, from event coverage, to fashion, to documentary, to photography using DIY lenses, and most recently, to film.

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

A magnificent street photography.

14 Jul 2011 5:23pm

@Ana Lúcia: Thank you Ana!

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Hand carts and motor scooters, a real mix of old and new cultures!

14 Jul 2011 6:21pm

@Curly: Yeah, it's amazing. In China, the future comes so fast that the past can't seem to catch up.

DowsherVision from PARIS, France

Beautiful street shot, bravo.

14 Jul 2011 9:25pm

@DowsherVision: Thank you!